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Gokarna: A unique experience

Gokarna: A unique experience

It was the middle of December when my best friend decided on a trip before he moved to Amsterdam. He was excited about his new adventure so he invited me to go with him to Gokarna; I had my birthday there too, so we decided to travel there on the weekend. We started our journey from Bangalore on Thursday via train(trust me, it was my best experience so far) and we arrived on Friday around morning.

In the meantime, we have a reservation at the Shanti Dham cafe, which I have never seen before, with peace, calm, and the best seafood I’ve ever tasted. The weather was gorgeous, and we ate a meal overlooking this view. The following day, we decided to explore the surrounding places since we came on the weekends, so here are a few I visited:-

* Om Beach (connected to Gokarna by road)
* Half moon beach (connected to Om beach via a hiking path)
* Paradise beach (connected to Gokarna by road)
* Cliff viewpoint
* Kudle beach (connected to Gokarna by road, but you still need to walk down to get to the beach)


OM Beach
Fisherman boats on the Gokarna beach in Karnataka, India

There are three hidden beaches in Gokarna, including Kudle Beach. Locals had described Kudle Beach as being the most spectacular beach in the town. All beaches are connected by ferry, which is an inexpensive mode of transport if you are in a large group. There are temples in Gokarna. The following are the popular ones:

  1. Mahabaleshwar Temple
  2. Maha Ganapathi
  3. Koti Tirtha
  4. Rama temple
Hindu Temple, Gokarna
Gokarna, India – Bharatha Gudi is old Hindu temple in Gokarna. Karnataka

why we have chosen Gokarna:-

It is impossible to understand Gokarna’s rich heritage without visiting the city. You can get a fresh perspective on Gokarna’s history and culture by participating in its art and cultural activities. Visits to Gokarna’s cultural attractions will prove informative, but its artsy events will entertain you. From cultural performances to historical monuments that offer a taste of the past, proceed to the next section to learn more about Gokarna. If you’re in Gokarna, you must see these attractions.

we have been wanting to visit Gokarna for a long time to get a sense of its culture and history, and this was also the last trip of my friend to the region.  Furthermore, I was part of his bucket list.

Places to Visit:-

Ganga Café on Kudle beach serves delicious Italian, Chinese, Continental, and Indian cuisine. Don’t forget to try their refreshing shakes.

Namaste Café on Om beach. Try anything and everything on their fantastic menu.

Shanti Dham cafe on Om beach for their seafood and hospitality.


Best time to visit:-

It is best to visit Gokarna between November and February when the weather is cool and pleasant. In the summer, Gokarna is very hot and humid, so it’s not recommended to visit during that time. During the monsoon months, you won’t be able to enjoy the beaches and go swimming and Gokarna is all about.
Om Beach

The scenery at Gokarna makes you dazzled by its beauty and fills you with an overwhelming number of words that are in any case insufficient to describe the whole of its magnificence. So if you looking to spend your Weekend at clean and secluded beaches, Gokarna is waiting to welcome you!!



The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Do travel guys. cheers…!!!






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