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About Me

Hello Folks…

As you can see I have started my travel blog, I want to give you all a little introduction about why I have chosen this travel blogging, Well I have born in Gorakhpur (UP) but never stayed there. My father has a transferable job so we keep moving from one place to another.

In my childhood, my father was posted in Jamuna Kotma. I know nobody knows of this name it is in Madhya Pradesh full of Jungle very backward area but the most beautiful place I know. after completing my 5th Standard my father got transferred to Korba CG( largest coal mine in Aisa) again very isolated area no proper school so my family decided to put me no board so again I have moved to Bhilai to complete my education.

Afterward, I moved to Nagpur to complete my Graduation so basically, I roomed so many places in my childhood meeting new people place, different type of food, their perspective, and most important culture. from seeing so much interesting things at a small age so then I started traveling the places with family friends, solo trips and I found myself.

So after traveling so many places I have decided to share my views on my previous experience and the upcoming one.

Hope you guys will enjoy my journey.